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Post by Vamaw on Tue Nov 19, 2019 5:43 am

Most newbies would see Artillery as a useless unit, its damage is exceeded by both Infantry and the light tank and that's usually enough to invest in both instead of artillery. But what newbies don't know is that your average, every day artillery is one of the most dangerous units in the game.

What is Artillery?

Artillery (or Arty) is a long range unit, which means that it can attack units from way out. While most land units like infantry can only attack anything it's in direct contact with, Artillery can pound anything from about 60-70km away. This makes artillery a very useful unit in some scenarios, the most likely one is a horde of units headed towards your way. While your infantry and armored cars can't defend against the massive cluster of units headed their way, a large number of artillery can cut down any horde to the last.

How do I use it effectively?

In numbers. One Artillery unit won't do much against a raging mob of enemies, but 10 can turn even the mighty Heavy tank into a pancake. A quick note though, artillery is very fragile, its health is so pathetic, even a level 1 militia unit can seriously damage it (and that's really bad). One more thing you'll want to do is accompany your artillery regiment with Anti-air, Tactical bombers are notorious for quickly exterminating artillery stacks. Artillery can do damage to pretty much any unit (except rockets) so they're a good all-round unit that can help you deal with nearly any situation. While it does considerable damage (in numbers) to armored units, it does much more damage to infantry units. They're also somewhat good at attacking sea units from the coast but don't do as much damage to airplanes. Of course, you'll also want to take advantage of the artillery's long range, it's what makes artillery, artillery. To best use this ability, place the bulk of your ground units in front of your artillery stack to protect it from any incoming ground unit attacks, then accompany it with anti-air to protect from airplanes. This tactic is very effective at destroying enemy cities and stacks, and is very widely used. Your artillery is still vulnerable to ships that attack from the coast, and maneuvering enemy units that try and flank said artillery. And like I said earlier, it's very, very fragile, especially the non-armored version.

How many types of artillery are there?

So far, there are 3 artillery units. Those are:

1. Artillery

Your average, everyday artillery piece. Available from day 1, and cheap to produce, it's the simplest form of artillery. On its own, it doesn't do much damage, in numbers, it'll turn any ground unit unlucky enough to come within its range into a pancake. You can mass-produce very early on and becomes even more dangerous at higher levels. The downside is that it's very fragile, at 5hp it has one of lowest hp values in the game. It won't take much for any unit that attacks it (including other artillery) to annihilate it. Average against Infantry, Below Average against Armored units, vulnerable to both Airplanes and ships.

2. Self-Propelled Artillery

The armored version of the original artillery. Self-propelled artillery is better than the original version in many ways. From the increased health, to the 50% damage bonus in plains, it outclasses normal artillery. And while costlier, much more efficient. While it suffers a 50% penalty in urban provinces, you'll usually be pounding cities instead of pounding from them. This version consumes oil so you won't be producing them as much as the normal artillery. You'll also want to use these units in numbers, and accompany them with anti-air, and while their attack values are very similar to the original artillery piece, they're absolutely devastating in plains due to to the 50% damage buff in them. Average against Infantry, Below Average against Armored units, vulnerable to both Airplanes and ships.

3. Railroad Guns

The original artillery's big brother. A bit more damaging than the previous versions, but costly, and sluggishly slow. While this artillery has nearly double the range of it's armored counterpart, it is much slower, and consuming, and demanding. You'll usually produce only 10 of these max due to their production speeds and resource consumption values. It's a bit more damaging than variations of the artillery, and it's ridiculous range adds to that benefit, but it's speed makes it fragile, and not as worthwhile as the self-propelled version. It still needs protection from bombers, ships and other units. But it's range usually means it won't be anywhere near any one of them. Railroad guns also need lvl. 3 infrastructure, something most players won't be getting at the start of the game, and while it's available from day 4, you probably won't have a lvl. 3 infrastructure before day 10. Average against infantry and armored units, vulnerable against airplanes and ships.

When should I produce them?

Normal artillery at the start of the game, before infantry. Self-propelled at later levels, and railroad guns when you have more resources than you need. Produce normal and self-propelled artillery in large numbers, alongside your other units, but produce railroad guns sparingly, it's resource consumption rates are much more than both the original, and self-propelled variants of artillery.


Artillery is one of the most important units in the game, at least 20% of your army should be artillery units. They're very valuable to any experienced player, and for a good reason too.

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