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Update for New members Nov 19

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Update for New members Nov 19 Empty Update for New members Nov 19

Post by Ryan04px2025 Tue Nov 19, 2019 4:15 pm

Hello, I know that we all have brain farts every now and then. I just want you to tell me any members that you have invited to our alliance. Once again, only members that are lv. 20/Corporal higher can join because we need more "Veterans" To join our alliance. We currently have 19 members and a couple of you are not active in our alliance. Such as NiloV, Anticipated Prospects, tonmcc, felixvb, Abyss Prince, Akemi-Chan, Nannabanna, Rain and Cahyo and User 1576175. I am currently wanting another officer that is responsible and active in the forum here and our chat. If you want to be one or can be one, please tell me. Thank you

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